View, change, submit a new ticket in Simya Solutions Customer Self Service Portal

View, change or submit a new ticket in Customer Self Service Portal

We have Customer Self Service Portal where you can read the Q&A(s) for the issues you have encountered with our applications. You can also contact us by submitting a ticket, viewing and changing your tickets in your portal. 

Please follow the steps below to view, change or submit a new ticket: 

1. Submit a new ticket: 
- Send an error report from our applications, or

2. View, change an existing ticket: 
When you send us an error report either from our applications or from your email box, a new ticket will be created automatically in our Customer Self Service Portal. You will need to sign up a new account in the Customer Self Service Portal in order to view, change your existing ticket. 
2.1. When you send us an error report, the system will send you an email to inform that "Your ticket has been created". Open the email and click "View tickets"

2.2. Sign Up a new account if you have not created any account in the Customer Self Service Portal. 

Fill in the required information: 

2.3. The system will send you a Simya Solutions Customer Self Service Portal Invitation via email. Open the email and accept the invitation. 

2.4. Go to "My Portal" in the Customer Self Service Portal to check all tickets you have submitted. 

If you have any questions or face any issues with the app, you can contact We'll get back to you within 24 hours!
Moreover, we'd love to hear what you think of our Ling app! Schedule a call with us here to share your feedback and get 3 months using Ling Premium for yourself or a friend/family member for FREE. 

At Ling, we want to unite the world by connecting people from different cultures.

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