What to do if your app is crashed? (Android version)

What to do if your app is crashed? (Android version)

The app is freezing! The app is not working on my phone! 

This issue occurs sometimes on the Android device. Therefore, we want to help you fix this problem.
First of all, we have to inform you that sometimes this issue is caused by a lack of memory on your phone. These can be fixed by restarting the device or you can try to delete something out on your device - some app you do not use, some messages on your device, clear your mailbox, etc. Also, you can try to clear the cache for the app by the following steps:

1. Open Settings app 
2. Go to Storage & Memories
3. Go to Apps
4. Choose the app you want to clear cache 
5. Clear cache & data 

After that, please reinstall the app and try again. 

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