Review all features in Write Me app

Review all features in Write Me app

In WriteMe app, you will learn how to write in 19 languages(with audio from a native speaker) 
Here are all features in Write Me app:

1. Learn how to write characters step by step
First, the app shows you how to write(with audio from a native speaker), then the app will let you practice writing by yourself. 

2. Select the correct answer
In this game, you have to select the card that has the correct pronunciation of the card above,

3. Match cards game
In this game, you have to match the cards together. 

4. Choose the correct card
Choose the card that the word is matched with the picture.
In the attached picture, the correct answer is the 3rd card because "เต่า" in Thai means "turtle" and the word is matched with the picture

5. Dictionary feature
Learn vocabulary in Write Me app

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We hope you enjoy learning with WriteMe, as we want to unite the world by connecting people from different cultures!

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