Ling app doesn't load. How can I fix it?

Ling app doesn't load. How can I fix it?

This issue could happen because of many reasons:

1. No internet connection: 
When you open Ling app for the first time, it will take some time for the app to download the content from our server. The internet connection is required for this process. 
Please make sure your device is connected to a good internet connection. We highly recommend using Ling app with a fast-speed Wifi. 

2. Operation System is not compatible: 
We always try to improve the quality and security of Ling app by using new technologies. This will ensure a better user experience. 
Our Ling app is compatible with Android version 6 or higher versions, and iOS version 9 or higher versions. 

If your devices are using out-dated OS version, Ling app may crash when you try to open it. In this case, please check and upgrade your OS version, then open Ling app again. 

3. Low device's storage: 
When your device is stuffed by many applications, you might run out of storage and Ling app cannot download content from our server. 
What you can do is to uninstall unused applications, clear cache & storage, then try to open Ling app again. 

4. The app contains an issue: 
If you already checked the three reasons and make sure you have a good internet connection, a compatible Operation System and enough device's storage but the app still doesn't load or even close itself, it could be a reason that the app contains an issue (bugs). 
In this case, please contact our support team at We will investigate and fix the issue with our highest priority.