I want to delete my account, what can I do?

I want to delete my account, what can I do?

Please be aware that this can't be reversed, and all your learning progress will be permanently lost once the account is deleted from our system and this doing this does not delete/cancel your subscription from Ling. To cancel your subscription, you need to go through Apple or Google, if purchased from one of their stores as per their subscription maintenance policies or through our website if you purchased your subscription on Ling-app.com.

Should you still wish to delete your account, please follow the steps below:
  1. Tap on "Profile", located on the top right-hand of the app Home screen
  2. Tap on the Setting icon (Gears icon), the second icon located on the top right-hand of your screen
  3. Under the Settings page, scroll down and tap "Delete Account"
  4. After reading our notice, click "Yes" if you'd still like to delete your account

If you have any questions or face any issues with the app, you can contact support@ling-app.com. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

At Ling, we want to enable everyone to learn something new every day.

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