Learn languages with Ling App on a computer

Can I learn languages with Master Ling on a computer?

You can learn languages with Ling on a computer and sync it with Ling App on your mobile device. Access the Ling Web version here https://get.ling-app.com/nAWo

Why should you learn with Ling Web?

1. FREE For Premium users who currently have a valid subscription or lifetime version in Ling App, you can enjoy Ling Web without purchasing any extra membership. Login with the account you use in Ling App and continue learning!

2. BIGGER SCREEN If you hate looking at the small screen of a mobile phone, especially when you learn something, you will fall in love with Ling Web because it runs on your computer’s browser. Let’s say goodbye to small texts and images!

3. NO NEED TO UPGRADE Ling Web is always updated on our website. You don’t need to upgrade the web app as what you usually do with Ling App. Just open Ling Web on your browser, login, then you are ready to learn.

4. YOUR LEARNING PROGRESS IS SYNCHRONIZED As long as you login Ling Web and Ling App with the same account, your learning progress is stored on our server and synchronized across devices. So, what are you waiting for? Try Ling Web right now at https://get.ling-app.com/nAWo

Have feedback or suggestions? Contact us at support@simyasolutions.com.
Learn 60+ languages with Master Ling: https://get.ling-app.com/nAWo
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