How to purchase Ling Pro and which are the accepted payment methods?

How to purchase Ling Pro and which are the accepted payment methods?

Want to get your hands on Ling Premium? You have three options! You can purchase it from the app itself, from the Google and Apple Stores, or directly from our website.

The available payment methods on Google Play Store and App Store may vary depending on the country or region, but generally include:

  1. Credit or debit card
  2. Google Play balance (a balance you can add to your Google account using a gift card or credit balance)
  3. PayPal (in select countries)
  4. Google Pay (where you can use saved payment methods from your Google account)
You can find more information here

  1. Credit or debit card
  2. Apple Pay (where you can use saved payment methods from your Apple account)
  3. PayPal (in select countries)
For more information click in here

If you choose to purchase Ling Pro directly from our website, we use Stripe to securely manage payments. Currently, the only accepted payment method for website purchases is credit card.

Enjoy learning with Ling!
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